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All contacts with the User will be made to the email address entered during the purchase process. Unless otherwise stated, orders will be sent to the address that the User entered during their purchase process. Therefore, the User should do everything possible to always keep his/her personal data up to date. If you do not receive the email confirming your purchase, we recommend checking the SPAM folder in your email.


Except where expressly stated, the prices indicated on the website are in Euros and apply to a pre-defined territory that may correspond to the Country or Region that the User indicated at the time of registration. This price already includes VAT at the legal rate in force in Portugal on the day of purchase. SOLTALECRIM reserves the right to change the price of any product at any time and without prior notice, and cannot assume any differences that the User may claim as a result of this change. Except for any error resulting from the introduction of values on the website, which may be detected, the sale price of a product will be the unit price indicated at the time of registration of the purchase.

The price indicated for each item does not include shipping and packaging costs. These costs will be indicated during the ordering process.


The User can choose to pay by Bank Transfer, ATM, Credit Card and PayPal.

Bank transfer
Payment must be made to the account of Soltalecrim, Lda., CAIXA GERAL DE DEPÓSITOS, IBAN: PT50003503880000167413008.

The customer will receive the payment reference at an ATM via email and/or mobile phone.
We request that you send proof of payment to the email geral@melmequer.com, so that the process of sending the order can begin.

Credit Card and PayPal
After paying for your purchase via credit card or paypal, the customer will receive confirmation of the respective payment via email.

We request that you send proof of payment to the email geral@melmequer.com, so that the process of sending the order can begin.

On-site Delivery
Deliveries of orders are made at SOLTALECRIM's premises in working hours, after confirmation by email that the order is ready to be picked up.


All orders will be confirmed by SOLTALECRIM, with the sending of a second email that reflects any changes to the order, due to the lack of any item, and which will also inform how the User can proceed with the payment of the order.

After confirmation of payment for the order, the respective digital invoice with digital signature is issued.


Shipping costs are calculated automatically and will be borne by the User. This value can be changed without prior notice due to changes introduced in the services used by SOLTALECRIM, revision of price lists or error verified in its calculation.

As soon as you receive the order, confirm the condition of the package, if the package is damaged, confirm its contents, in the presence of the courier. Do not sign the proof of delivery without carrying out this verification.

We only have delivery service to mainland Portugal and Europe. This service is external, selected by SOLTALECRIM to guarantee accuracy and quality. The estimated delivery time for mainland Portugal is 2 to 4 working days, and for European countries it is 3 to 10 working days.